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The ideal colour printing solution for your individual requirements!


Flexible-Marking-System FMScolor

One of the prerequisites for an efficient and error free installation or quick troubleshooting is the unique identification of devices, components and system  parts. To ensure this, the new labelling system from CONTA-CLIP, FMScolor, gives you thermally hardened digital printing – in black or colour – using water-based inks which are durable, environmentally friendly. FMScolor combines the open system of a plotter with the convenient system of an ink-jetprinter. As the printing system is independent of the card'sshape, FMScolor can be used flexibly in an industrial setting.

Thermally-hardened digital printing and water-based inks
Using FMScolor you can lable terminals, wires and devices or even whole  systems. Using materials which have been certified by CONTA-CLIP – like Maxicards or Alucards – long-lasting black or colour printing is guaranteed. The  decisive factor is the interaction between the carrier material, colour and the thermal-hardening. The water-based inks are environmentally friendly, but still have a high level of chemical and alkali resistance. They are also resistant to being smudged, abraded and can withstand UV light (2,000 hours). For full-surface printing, be it in black or multiple colours, the material to be printed is pretreated so that the desired print quality is achieved.

8 colours including 4 light colours
FMScolor works using the same technological principle as an ink-jet printer. It is fitted with an integrated thermal unit and special inks in 8 colours (C, M, Y, K plus 4 light colours). The printing format is 300 x 40 mm (DIN A3). Using a mechanical setting, you can achieve a maximum printing height of 12 mm. The standard version allows you to position up to 5 Maxicards using fasteners. Other formats and materials are possible as part of the commissioning. If they are pre-heated externally from the printing system, the integrated thermal unit can be switched off.

Perfect for a variety of labels
CONTA-CLIP has a wide range of plastic markers (Maxicards) and aluminium markers (Alucards NEW!) which are perfectly suited for a variety of labelling solutions. Thanks to its open construction, FMScolor can print on different sizes, geometries and materials. Following consultation with CONTA-CLIP, customer-specific materials can be used if so desired.

Flexible software
The control system of the printer can be done using a variety of software solutions. In general, existing windows-based software can be used which is already installed for other output devices. Naturally, the labelling software from CONTA-CLIP, CONTA-Sign, can also be used.

An overview of more advantages:

• No need to keep printed tags in inventory
• Just-in-time production reduces storage costs and
delivery times
• All printed content is applied in one step
(text, graphics and variables)
• High-quality colour printing at no extra cost
• Reduced logistic overhead
• Content changes can be made at any time
• A uniform design for your complete labelling system
is possible
• No technical personnel needed to operate the FMScolor
• Test print scenarios: The ink can be washed from the surface
with cold water; the surface can then be reprinted. 

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