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Everything under control – from a distance: GSM-PRO the M2M Remote I/O Solution

The GSM-PRO, like most SMS modules, are often used as stand-lone units in the field. These modules are put to use at various remote locations even though they normally have configurations which are very similar.

It is often quite helpful to have one overall view of the status of all modules used in the field. The new GSM-PRO portal software from CONTA-CLIP offers you precisely this possibility. This software is very easy to install and configure. All modules in the field can now be easily monitored and run from a single local site or control panel.

CONTA-CLIP‘s new iPhone and Android smartphone apps for the GSM-PRO modules provide a simple and fast solution so that you can get an overview of each distributed system and application.

These apps can show you the status of all inputs and outputs from one or more GSM-PRO modules. They also allow you some control over the process. Module outputs can be controlled easily and directly using this app. The app buttons provide an intuitive control interface (for controlling the heating, a motor, water pump, etc.).

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