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The „SAFE" for terminal blocks!

RK-Safe-Box TS 35/100 The terminal block housing.

Using their innovative terminal block housing, RK-Safe-Box,CONTA-CLIP offers you a quick and easy protection for terminal blocks, electronic transformers etc., which are installed on mounting rails. The Safe-Box effectively prevents the unauthorised operation of converter terminals or the changing of the wiring particularly in the pre-meter area of power distribution systems. The side panels are directly on the mounting plate and totally enclose the components or assemblies which are to be protected. The wire-feed through the walls of the box simplifies the wiring and makes the subsequent manipulation of the clamp connections with a closed box impossible. Without the transparent lid, the internal dimensions of the box can be extended by 16 mm using the built-in sliding mechanism. This makes maintenance work or the exchange of terminals or components much easier.


- Quick and easy to install on TS 35 DIN mounting rails
- Highest mechanical attachment to the mounting rail
- When fitted, it cannot be unlocked from the mounting
  rail, nor can it be pulled off
- Three seal fitting locations are available
- Transparent lid
- Any alterations are immediately detectable
- The sliding mechanism of the two housing halves means
  that the installed components are more easily accessible
  during maintenance

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