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ZST 2,5 Plug-in Connection System

The plug-in connection system ZST is a plug-in system that allows you to achieve a rated current up to 24 A and a rated voltage up to 500 V. The basic terminals and the pluggable connectors have a touch-safe design. They can be configured and combined according to the particular needs of your application.
The basic terminals and connectors can also be coded or fitted with snap-on locking latches. A strain relief mechanism can also be snapped on so that the connected wires are more firmly secured to the clamping point.
The ZSTK 2,5 couplings are available as rail-mounted version (for TS15 and TS35) or as a portable coupling.


- Wire connection type: Tension-spring connection
- Versatile mounting on TS15, TS35 or as a portable coupling
- Ratings 500 V, 24 A
- Touch-safe construction
- Can be coded
- Can be custom configured
- Best mechanical attachment of the connector to the
  basic terminal

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