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Feed-through terminals SDK now UL listed

The new wall feed-through terminals SDK from 4-16mm² are now UL listed. They were examined and certified according to their requirements. Thus the conformity to the valid US-American standards is confirmed.

to UL listing

CONTA-CLIP's SDK feed-through terminals provide a modular- based system for various device and housing applications. The coordinated system components can be combined to achieve various voltages – with a maximum voltage level of 1000 V (UL 600 V). The insulated housing is made of polyamide 6.6 UL 94 V-0. The pegs can be used to link the housings together to form multi-pole units. Optional flange plates are available for improved mechanical stability. The PMC SB or PMC BSTR tags can be used to label the feed-though terminals.


  • Cross-section 4 mm² - 16 mm²
  • 1000 V with contamination degree 3
    according to IEC
  • 600 V with use group C
    according to UL / CSA
  • Encapsulation option
  •  Mechanical screw fixing

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