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Wed, April 08, 2015


Test-disconnect terminals are mainly used for electricity generation and supply applications. They are perfect for the wide variety of switching demands in the current-transformer secondary circuits that predominate in these applications. Current transformers must always have a closed secondary... Read on...


Wed, April 08, 2015

News PushIn terminals

Feed-through terminals FRKI 6-10/3A | Protective earth terminals FSLI 6-10/3A The terminal blocks FRKI 6-10/3A | FSLI 6-10/3A have a width of 8,1 mm. Up to three stranded or solid wires up to 10 mm² can be connected, with a rated current up to 57 amps. Double-level terminal blocks FRKD 2.5/3A |... Read on...


Thu, March 26, 2015

IRC Interface Relays

IRC relay couplers and MFR-IRC timing relays embody a new strategy for 6.2 mm coupling relays. Our five different relay versions provide optimized use of space, simple installations, ease of use, and excellent functionality. They can be adapted for various application requirements because of the... Read on...


Sun, March 15, 2015

Everything under control – from a distance: GSM-PRO the M2M Remote I/O Solution

The GSM-PRO, like most SMS modules, are often used as stand-lone units in the field. These modules are put to use at various remote locations even though they normally have configurations which are very similar. It is often quite helpful to have one overall view of the status of all modules used... Read on...


Wed, November 19, 2014

Double-level terminal blocks SRKD|SSLD

CONTA-CLIP offers an innovative line of double-level feed-through terminals SRKD and protective-earth terminals SRKD featuring the proven screw-connection system for cross-sections ranging from 0.5 mm² to 10 mm². The screw-connection mechanism is easy to operate and can be used to establish a... Read on...

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