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Thu, November 21, 2013

World of Installation | Cabling ducts VK

CONTA-CLIP offers a wide range of cabling ducts for a variety of different installation applications. The ducts have excellent dimensional stability. They also feature tight fitting covers which are easy to snap on and off. The pegs have pre-determined breakage points so that the cable ducts can... Read on...


Wed, November 20, 2013

New Initiator Terminal

CONTA-CLIP extends the pressure-spring connection system with the new Initiator terminals FIK 2.5 in the CONTA-CONNECT product range. To operate electromechanical functions on machines and equipment, it is necessary to connect sensor signals, the actuators and messages with the control unit. To... Read on...


Thu, November 14, 2013

NEW fuse-disconnect terminals

The fuse-disconnect terminals SSIK feature an extraction lever that locks into its end position and allows a spare fuse to be attached from the side. The following micro-fuses can be attached: SSIK 4 (5x20/5x25/5x30) and SSIK 6 (6.3x25/6.3x32) Two cross-connection channels within the... Read on...


Wed, November 13, 2013

Wall bushing for ZST

CONTA-CLIP's modular and flexible ZST connection systems are in high demand wherever off-the-shelf units need to be connected or replaced. Pluggable wiring is thus permitted up to a rated current of 24 A and a rated voltage of 500 V. Effective panel feed-through bushings can be constructed... Read on...


Sun, November 03, 2013

Everything under control – from a distance: GSM-PRO the M2M Remote I/O Solution

The GSM-PRO, like most SMS modules, are often used as stand-lone units in the field. These modules are put to use at various remote locations even though they normally have configurations which are very similar. It is often quite helpful to have one overall view of the status of all modules used... Read on...

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